Composition, production and Improvisation

You will find here tips for composing and producing. We also have some improvisation exercises and tricks that you can use at home.

Secrets inside the music. Fight among melodies. Erik Satie like work

Secrets of melody writing. The Question and Answer effect in song writing and composition

How to write the rhythm of a popular song in music notation

10 min chord training. Learn to accompany songs on piano. Progression practice on the keyboard

Mental hearing. 15 exercises to learn to hear the music in your head.

Improvisation Training Backing Track: practice the minor modes and scales. Most instruments

Crazy atonal music. Do you call this music?

How you can arrange music with simple elements

Try this music composition trick at home. Baroque improvisation.

Tonic, Dominant and Subdominant. Test your chord recognition

Incredible improvisation. This gentle music was 100% unplanned.