Relative Pitch and Ear Development

Relative pitch is a skill that allows you to play a note after you hear a reference note. This allows you to reproduce melodies and entire accompaniments after you hear them, sometimes with incredible precision. To get to that point you need to develop your relative pitch, and that is what these exercises are about.

Relative Pitch Training – Five Notes – Ear Programming

Beginners Relative pitch test. Musical ear test

20 levels of music ear: Test your level of Relative Pitch

Relative Pitch: 10 Levels. Test and train yourself

Can you hear the difference? Test your relative pitch with this aural test.

Basic “play by ear” for the tone deaf Part 1. Relative pitch practice.

Basic “play by ear” for the tone deaf PART 2. Relative Pitch practice

Learn to play by ear. Practice of relative pitch (beginner-intermediate level)

Can you play by ear? 30 nasty samples to test your relative pitch. Piano two voices

Can you hear two melodies at the same time? Test your harmonic ear.