Music Theory

Interesting music theory facts that we have featured in our channel, from intervals, note naming, chords and much more.

Play guitar music on the piano. How to translate guitar chords into keyboard chords

How to swing a rhythm. Practice step by step adding speed and syncopation

Imprint the chord functions in your brain. Harmony training to learn to hear the Tonic, the Dominant

7 levels of Interval Singing test and practice. Develop your musical ear

10 min chord training. Learn to accompany songs on piano. Progression practice on the keyboard

Compound rhythms understood. Part 1: Understand 6/8, 9/8, 12/8 time signatures

Syncopation. Part 1. What the heck is syncopation? How to read ties and difficult rhythms.

Secrets of melody writing. The Question and Answer effect in song writing and composition

Learn to read and write rhythms. Musical figures explained at last

How to read music. Basic note naming on the Treble clef and the Bass clef

Can you hear two melodies at the same time? Test your harmonic ear.

Mystery of the Key Signatures revealed – Relative minor – Sharp and Flats. Grade 5 Theory ABRSM

Musical Figures Explained Part 1 – Reading and Writing Music Rhythms

Music figures combined Part 2 – Reading and Writing Music Rhythms –

Intervals: Theory

Intervals: Practice

How to harmonize a melody – Part 1

How to harmonize a melody – Part 2

How Orchestras work